Wisdom Shared from the Inside Out

Powerful. Wise. Light. Love.

Wisdom Shared from the Inside Out

The longer we live on this planet, the more we are subjected to opinions, advice, and suggestions
that are positioned in our “best interest.”

“I know what’s best for you”

“You should…”

“Experts say…”

These subtle yet powerful statements (even when well intended) can shake the trust we have in
our own wisdom.  
We are inundated with information. Google. Friends. WebMD. Facebook. Instagram. Youtube.
Television. Family. News.

We have a constant stream of information invading our minds, questioning our souls wisdom,
and taking a toll on our hearts.

When we finally stop scrolling our news feed, we are often left feeling self doubt, overwhelmed,
and hopeless.

We forget who we are.

Powerful. Wise. Light. Love.

We forget that we come to this planet with a knowing, a gut feeling, an intuition, a wisdom that
guides us on this amazing journey every step of the way.

We forget that we have an internal compass guiding and connecting us to all the answers we

Children remember. They know they are wise inside.

As time goes on, we forget.

As time went on, I forgot. I started to believe what they said.

• The bully that told me year after year I was too fat for anyone to love me
• The doctor who told me I would be diabetic for the rest of my life
• The family member insisting we raise our child their way
• A business mentor telling me “You need to follow my steps to be successful.”
• A personal trainer who said I would never lose weight unless I followed his system
• A friend judging my success based on money and fame

From these disempowering circumstances, a knowing bubbled up within me that, even though
others may want the best for us, we are the ones who possess the solutions to our challenges.
Each one of us showed up on this planet with the built-in wisdom to truly empower ourselves. 

We are WiseInside.

So how do we reconnect, believe, and trust our innate wisdom?

We practice.

The information and advice will never stop. And frankly, I don’t want it to stop. I can use
opinions, advice, and information as an opportunity to check in with my soul and ask for

How do we connect to that wisdom when a business mentor offers her blueprint to success?

We stop, put our hands over our hearts, take a deep breath in, and ask ourselves….

“What am I wanting?”
“Does this feel good to me?”

“Does this remind me of my greatness?”

“Does this help me shine bright?”

When we ask the guiding questions, it gives our soul the opportunity to speak up and be heard.

We wait for the answers. We allow our soul time to architect the path of least resistance and trust
our hearts to lead the way.

The more we follow our inner guidance, the more empowered we feel. We begin to trust
ourselves again. We reconnect to our light and shine bright.

My mom would wake me up every morning and say, “rise and shine.”

I never really knew the depth of her morning ritual until my husband came home from work and
shared his day with me.

As a project manager for a high-end audio and video company, he often has great stories. He
said, “I had to count a bunch of light fixtures today.”

I was a little snarky and said, “Wow…that must have been a lot of work. It’s soooooo hard to
count lights in a house.” He replied, “Well, when it’s a 28,000 square foot house with 328
lights, it can be a little overwhelming. You know, the bigger the house the more lights you

I paused and heard the message loud and clear.

The bigger the house, the more lights we need. We are the lights in this big house we call
Earth. Every light is valuable and needed for the house to shine bright.

When we wake up in the middle of the night, the house is dark and can seem scary. When we
focus on turning on the light in the bedroom, it provides enough light to get to the hallway, and
then down the stairs, and in the kitchen, and throughout the entire house.

Eventually, the house is full of light and the darkness fades away.

Each individual light is needed to illuminate the house. Your light is essential to eliminate the

Our light shines bright when we remember who we are.

Powerful. Wise. Light. Love.

When my son gets out of the car every morning for school I remind him, “you are the
light….shine bright.”

Our wisdom ignites our light. Believe it. Trust it. Love it.

It’s here for you…always.
Article by Heather Criswell 
First published on WomELLE November Magazine 2017. 

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